The Cycle

by Five Minute Plan

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Intro 01:54
The Cycle 03:49
You're making mistakes And I'm filling up pages I'm writing these lines Under dark cover of night You're letting days pass Unaware of the danger Of them turning to years Your last hope may turn to stone But you gave into the cycle long ago Now you're on your own And you're searching for the strength To stand alone But when does life become worth it? You're feeding me lines But your actions speak louder You're letting the past Hold you captive one more day Will this every be over? I lost interest years ago And all these words Have been in vain You always said that you would rise above it all And face the world down with the coldest final stare You always said that you would stand for convictions That you would die for if only given half the chance But now those days are long over
Another night awake in bed Another life running through your head The same mistake, you went to sleep The same seven days still went by last week A second chance is all you want But circumstance leaves you the victim And in the end you're the one Who looks in the mirror and wonders what might have been If you could get back one day of your life What would you change? A second chance to change that moment your forgot to live It's not too late Another day you stayed in bed You left the things you wanted to say unsaid And let the time pass you by Without trying, you left your dreams die 20 years is too long a time You drown away passions while you swallow another lie It may be too late when you find out Security means living a life of doubt Wasting your time You could take on life all alone You're failing yourself
You never get up The world outside seems far away Passing days are going unnoticed You say you've had enough The faith you hold you've forsaken Better days won't likely come this way All alone in this world You forget Who put you here You're erasing aspirations of the past Stand alone and take control of your life You've lost you're chasing memories Take a look at yourself Turn your life around Pray to God to somehow carry on You're living in the past You can see moving on so soon A year could pass with you still where you're at I can't see giving up It's all but lost when you lose hope But you're still standing, why can't you see that?
Far From Me 03:56
You're far from me and I'm far from myself It's raining and I wasted the will to say Days escape me and it feels like I'm asleep It's getting hard to put it back together every day I'm losing touch, I'm writing empty words That have no meaning, I'm talking in circles Apathy is killing me, I need to move on And find the reason why God has put me here It feels like I'm losing And I'm not letting go Of feelings that are sure to tear me apart I've been this way before It's not an even score I'm letting life rip me apart at the seams But I'm not giving up
Out of Here 03:56
They'll tell you who they think you are They'll try to put you in your place You're tired All you want is to get out of here You're telling me how alone you are Is your life ending? Has it lost its meaning? You're thinking twenty years ahead And it's scaring you to death You'll give an answer one day It can happen to you What did you expect? It's not easy after all Now you finally know what it's like to grow up And you're having second thoughts Who are you waiting for? (They could be there all along) Am I asking you questions that you can't answer? (Scared to answer wrong) You'd like me to think you're alright (When you run away in spite) But you prove to the world that you don't believe Who's left by your side? Thoughts inside your head Drive you crazy Don't let the day pass by Make your voice heard What good does it do to worry about the future or hold up in the past? Feelings like this never last Who are you waiting for? We don't want to take on life all alone Am I asking you questions that you can't answer Are there things in this world we don't know? You'd like to make me think you're alight But I can tell what you're feeling inside When you prove to the world that you don't believe Who's left by your side?
Wide Awake 04:56
I'm like a broken record And you've heard what I have to say before But here it comes again Cause I've been up three straight days But I'm wide awake And it's not easy living this way I told you I'm not staying here I'm writing this note In response to everythign they say You are one whose life is content I'm not one of them But you still think you know who I am Constant reminders are running through my head When will I end up where I want to be? When I close my eyes, I see them standing there Telling me I'll never make it Keep your eyes on narrow paths And you'll fall along the way You walk the road you choose alone When years pass and broken dreams are too far out of reach You can't heal regret by running home You'll have to suffer with answers unknown Time is slipping through my hands It's not on my side I could take the easy way and give up But would I be able to look myself in the eye After living day after day in regret? I remember you and I when we younger I didn't think that we'd end up so different But years have a way of turning ambitions Against ambitious ones
Today was like draining all the water from my body If I could flood the world I would end everything again I wouldn't know what still stood here Sand would be what's left of me I'd wake up alone in the cool air Quiet and still, washed by the rain And we would be brought back to life Live in a garden in the middle of the sea We would know no wrong from right Just you and me quietly for all eternity I'd dream a thousand dreams Not accomplish one and not feel unfulfilled I'd walk outside in the rain Right between the drops and the lightning bolts I'd walk out to the ocean Look to the horizon, find it standing still And stay there Until the moon and the stars All spun out of control And we would never see anyone again Just sit on our island And watch the world come to its end
The best thing for me to say is nothing at all But before you leave, would you just come by or call? Hear your voice over the phone, for a moment push the world away Before you go it all alone, remember yesterday just before it fades Do you ever think about me even though we're worlds apart? Do you ever wake up from a dream about me late at night? For so long now I've wondered what you think deep in your heart But if there's just one lesson learned, I know what is right The best thing for me to say is nothing at all But before you leave, would you just come by or call? You can rest assured tonight, but in the morning will it all still be ok? Before anything must change, have faith, not everything can fade from memory Now things can never be the same Maybe they'll be nothing at all
417 04:06
I can see it in your face You still want out of here It's the skill of time to pass us by It's not apt to change your mind And we're not so different I'm still writing down these lines Do I sound the same? Have you found your dream? Or do you fear what you might find? Sail away It's not like the city to know your name Millions of faces that haunt your dreams Won't bring the comfort of home It's something inside you to own Run into breaking day This time it's not a mistake On the road you know There's Someone who knows your name


The first full length album by Five Minute Plan, The Cycle is an early 2000s influenced pop punk record with meaningful lyrics and unique instrumentation.


released April 20, 2018


all rights reserved



Five Minute Plan Orlando, Florida

Five Minute Plan is an indie rock band from Central Florida. We played shows for 10 years and independently produced and released 3 EPs and 2 full length records in our time.

We played venues all across the Central Florida area including Happy Daze, Carpenter's Home Church, Will's Pub, Cornerstone Florida and many others. We made several radio appearances including WPRK at Rollins College.
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