You open your eyes
Once again you'll be conscious
This half you despise
It's weighing on your conscience
We're always so cautious
And now I wish I lost this

But have I gone too far?
Far too far to drop it
See that change coming
You can't, you won't stop it
I just need some time to collect myself
Son, you'll get none
Life is short
Enjoy your health
We'll be needing your time and your trust
Here's your lust
Here's your wealth
You'll take it and you'll like it

You know, it's bringing me down
Today I missed the sunlight
A blank stare and a frown
Can't you tell I know it's not right?
Soon I'll leave this
Soon I might stop giving into fright

I'll take off without notice
No, you won't get a warning
What happened and where's a helping hand this morning?
It won't take long
I'll be quickly replaced
Someone else to make haste
And to pick up the pace
And I'll be somewhere else
I'll be far from this place
I'll have a smile on my face

I'm ready to go
(Today I missed the sunlight)
Cause I won't take much longer
(Can't you tell I know it's not right?)
Nothing lasts forever
(I'll stop giving into fright)