A crowded room where you first forgot her face
It's where you found yourself in the wrong place
City streets where they tell you who you are
Won't beat a path to her long forsaken door

You forget her flame can touch you
You let her in your heart so easily
This stranger's come to smoke her rival out
From the refuge inside
Your darkest secret to hide
Brought to light lying eyes
Daylight is fading
Clarity is choking on desire

You figure out that the heat won't leave you alone
Did you believe that she'd leave you in control?
The feeling that you're sure you've never felt before
Can pull you further from your lost lover's door

You're on fire
(When my heart is a stone, Wisdom give me relief)
She set you in your place and cut off the day
(In the hour of hope, Angel come to me like a thief)
She put you to sleep and cast you away

My darkest secret to hide
Brought to light in the fullness of time
Seeing is seeing in spite
When belief is a matter of sight