For all of my life
I've seen your face
You showed me what was right
Now we've both lost sight
And it's gone till we walk on into the light
Go ahead, I'm behind you
Maybe they'd say I'll never find you
It might not be the same
But I'll see you again

When every word's been said
See you again
The road's indefinite
See you again
With shadows growing dim
See you again
Where they welcome you in
I'll see you again

From the earliest times
I knew Your name
You showed me day from night
You heal my eyes
And make my arms bend iron
I struggle to hear Your voice
Sometimes all this noise seems louder
Until I touch Your hands
And look in Your eyes, such a doubter

I might fall behind like the man before me
I hate the sight of the world realized in shallow desire
How the good could find such corruption
You came and brought us one interruption
It might not heed Your name
But we'll see You again

See you again someday
We all run out of time
But when the shell's broken and thrown away
And life's at an end
We'll live again