Would you choose a different path
If you knew the direction
In which every pathway led?
And do you wish you could rewind
To take back something that you've done
Something that you've said?
And would you make a plan
For more than five minutes ahead?

But how much different would things be?
If we could know the outcome of each and every possibility?
Or travel back to catch ourselves before we fell?
Well I don't know if I can tell
Cause I know that knowing all the I know now
I still can't seem to bring myself around
To step across the cracks I've tripped upon
To peel back the sky, acknowledging the dawn of a new day

There's no telling what we'll see
When we chart the waters
Circumventing all of our distractions
We'll raise our sails and send our new ship out to sea
Then how much different will things be?
And though the tides of doubt can be an overpowering force
My Captain has the strength to calm the waves
He says take the helm and navigate the course
And I'll stand beside and guide you to the dawn of a new day